Coworking Office Space

Co-working is that style of work that involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in a shared working environment.

The popularity of co-working spaces is on the rise. By offering you a shared working environment unlike typical offices, these spaces offer you quick networking opportunities, solidarity as well as access to communities of like-minded professionals. An unexpected meeting or encounter can provide value additions to new businesses. That’s where co-working spaces take the lead over traditional office settings.

Co-working gives small as well as large businesses, a different office experience. It requires very little investment and is very flexible without any long term commitment.

We offer you co-working space because we aim to accommodate a wider range of budgets and requirements. These spaces are available in both open as well as closed configurations. With emphasis on community development and engagement, we are very dedicated and passionate about empowering every member in our hub. We believe in building an atmosphere that provides you the energy to learn, execute and grow in a short span of time.

By building and maintaining relationships with entrepreneurial networks, we endeavor to expose you to unprecedented opportunities. Our aim is to create a space that benefits all.


  • Regular events for community building and networking
  • Economical and flexible. Doesn’t require long term basis investment/commitment
  • Opportunities to learn from peers and co-workers
  • Access to co-worker community which can satisfy your business needs
  • Indoor Air Quality inside the entire building conforms to ASHRAE standards, USA leading to substantially high levels of productivity
  • Equipped with high speed internet connectivity, broadband on demand
  • Equipped with 100% power back up and dedicated parking facility
  • Modern and fully functional training and conferencing facilities
  • Tea & coffee on self service (no access to cafeteria and lattice)
  • In-house restaurant and cafeteria
  • 24x7 security and fire Safety
  • Reserved parking