Paharpur Business Centre has an impressive clientele. It comprises some of the best organizations including some Fortune 500 companies like Nokia, Canon, Hallmark, Intel, HP and others.

“This building renders a lot of tangible and intangible benefits. Therefore, we voluntarily chose to stay here instead of moving to any other location. PBC gives a clean and incomparable indoor environment to work. This is lot more than interiors etc.”

- Yogesh Solanki, Veritas

A very exciting and impressive organization, unique and should be emulated.

- Ms. Shiela Dikshit – Former Chief Minister, Delhi

“Paharpur Business Centre is a very professional environment to work in. The logistics management has been an important factor in allowing us to increase our productivity.”

- Mr. Rajiv Nair, Former President, Microsoft Corp. India Pvt. Ltd.

“I am delighted to see the excellent facilities and ambience at the Paharpur Business Centre. This company very favorably with the best anywhere! My best wishes for the future.”

- Mr. Tejendra Khanna – Former Lieutenant Governor of Delhi

“Remarkably innovative building, a very interesting concept.”

- H.E. Mr. Heimo Richter – Former Ambassador of Germany

“Thanks for sharing this marvelous facility with me. You set a high standard of business practice combined with environmental and social responsibility. We should all be inspired by you.”

- H.E. Mr. Richard Celeste – Former, US Ambassador to India