PBC is located in the popular hub of Nehru Place in Delhi, which is central to Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Connaught Place.

  • Easy driving distance from Connaught Place, Gurgaon and Noida
  • Walking distance from 2 metro stations (Nehru Place and Kalkaji)
  • 3 Bus stops, each is 3 minutes walk
  • IGI Airport is 35 minutes drive
  • New Delhi Railway Station is 23 minutes drive
  • Convenient park adjacent location in Nehru Place close to banks, hospitals and restaurants.

We started way back in 1990 as one of the first business center in Delhi. Over the last 26 years, we have pioneered this business and served some of the best brands across various industries. In the past we have served clients like Microsoft, HP, Sony, Star TV, Shell, Bechtel, 3M, Canon and Hitachi etc.

50% of our current clientage is with us for more than 5 years.

The standard size of our workstation is 3 ft. X 2 ft. We will be happy to discuss your needs and suggest a solution accordingly.

We can also offer 4ft. X 2 ft. and 5 ft. X 2 ft. tables. However, this will require more space to accommodate the required number of people.

Rooms are available in different sizes and layout. We will be happy to discuss your needs and suggest a solution both in the form of layouts and by physically visiting the room.

We can discuss and change the layout based on your requirements within our possible limits.

Yes. Clients can use “Café Einstein”, our in-house restaurant that offers a wide range of delicacies/cuisines. Our premium clients can use our rooftop lounge called Lattice. In addition to these, some of our floors have common lobbies. We also have recreational facilities like Electronic Massage chair for use by clients, TFT monitors in every office – for news updates and other information.

Yes, we are coming up with a co-working space accommodating varying budgets available in both closed and open layouts. The objective is to promote community so that like-minded people can come together and work in a collaborative style.

In a self-run office, one has to take care of direct administrative issues like managing reception, office, support staff, housekeeping and other costs related to it. One also has to interact with various entities to manage services and pay bills like electricity, water, rent, maintenance etc which makes office space a complex operation to manage.

In a business centre, you can simply come with your laptop and start working. The business centre does all these tasks for you and all you have to do is pay a consolidated amount. This saves your time and energy and lets you focus on your work.


Rooms are available in different sizes and layout. We can accommodate from an individual to a larger team. We will be happy to discuss your needs and suggest a solution both in the form of layouts and by physically visiting the room.

The cost of one workstation would include Furnishing, House-keeping & Maintenance, Common Reception, Security, Electricity (light), Central AC ( 9 am – 7 pm, Monday – Friday), 1 DID telephone line (Direct inward dialing) per workstation. This, however is not applicable for co-working spaces.

Yes. You have the following options:

  • You can take up a workstation at our co-working space.
  • If you want a private space and have a higher budget, we can show you a small cabin which can accommodate 2 to 3 workstations. You can take up the entire space for yourself.

We are a business center and hence we don’t work on per square feet rate. The rate per work station ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs.35,000 per month based on the size of the room, its location, layout etc. We have a defined tariff for every room and the same will be charged from you irrespective of the number of workstation inside it.

For example, if you choose a room which has 4 workstations inside it. You have to pay the rent defined for the room irrespective of the fact whether you have 3 people sitting in that room or more than 5. There is a maximum limit for people that can be accommodated in a room.

We are a business center and hence we don’t work on per sq. feet model. There is a defined rate for every room which is based on the location, layout and number of workstations that can be accommodated in that room.

All our services are exclusive and available only to PBC members. Therefore, you should first become our member by paying Rs 2,500/- as joining fee. In addition to this, you have to pay a subscription fee of either Rs 1,500/- annually or 1,000/- half-yearly or 750/- quarterly.

Based on your need, we can either shift you to a larger space or give you additional space to accommodate. This is subject to the availability of the space in the business center.

Yes. We have over 100 dedicated car parking slots, subject to availability. The current rates are as follows. These are subject to change based on the increase/decrease by the municipal authorities.

  • Front Parking : Rs. 6600 per car per month
  • Side Parking’s. 4950 per car per month
  • Basement Parking: Rs. 3500 per car per month

We have small TFTs in each office for news and other updates. However, if required, we can install TV/LED/LCD but you will have to bear “equipment & installation charges”.

For our co-working space, it is included in the price whereas for the rest of the space, it can be served on the table at an additional cost.

We provide 1 telephone DID connection per workstation. It is offered as a complimentary service and is included in your tariff.

The incoming will be free on these numbers and you will be charged monthly on the outgoing. We charge Rs. 1.63 per pulse for Local, STD and ISD calls. The pulse of the call is different for Local, STD and ISD. For ISD the pulse further varies from country to country. We can share the details if needed.

No telephone connections will be provided in a co-working space.

We don’t allow clients to get their own telephone connections. You can buy a dedicated connection (example a PRI line) but only through us which means the connection will be on our name and we will charge the same to you monthly after a nominal mark up.

There is no point in investing in a separate EPBAX system and we already have one installed for the entire building. The service charges are already included in your monthly rental.

We charge at the rate of 1.63 per pulse on outgoing calls. For all local calls on mobile the pulse rate is of 60 sec and on local landline the pulse is of 180 sec. For STD calls on both mobile/landline the pulse is of 30 sec.

ISD pulse rate varies from country to country. We can share the details, if needed.

Yes, that’s possible after paying a very nominal charge (mentioned in the tariff sheet)

Yes we provide secretarial service on pay-by-use basis. Nominal charges till 5:30 pm and additional charges beyond 5:30 pm on the basis of kind-of-job.

Yes, our onsite support team will ensure your suite is set up exactly how you need it so you can focus on work. We can also provide any secretarial or business support that you might need. So if you would rather leave the conference minutes to someone else or need some last minute photocopying done, we are here to help. We'll also greet your guests, print, bind and laminate documents, take phone messages and organize couriers and taxis. Also, these rooms are equipped with internet connectivity, conference call facility, high-end audio-visual equipment and video-conferencing facility.

We provide the courier services from Bluedart and First Flight. The charges depend on the weight of the courier and the address of delivery. The charges are mentioned in the tariff sheets.

We don’t allow our clients to directly deal with courier service providers.

We offer internal branding by displaying your company’s logo & name outside the floor-entry. We don’t allow external Signage.

We don’t allow our address to be used for ROC, VAT, Service Tax or any other statutory purpose. The reason is that the building operates in the business center model and there are various clients who run their businesses out of this place. Because of the statutory registration, if the building gets sealed in any circumstance, it will adversely affect all our clients.

To avoid any such unpleasant scenario, even none of our own entities is registered on this address.

We can offer you various packages from shared Wi-Fi connection to dedicated lease line/DSL. However, for co-working space, the final pricing is inclusive of the cost of internet.

As of now we don’t have any back up option for the internet.

Yes, you can set up a LAN connection within your office space/ suite. You have to arrange for all the switches and routers. We will provide you IOS connections.

We have used CAT 5 cables for LAN networking and it will give you a speed of upto 100mbps. On special requests, we can offer you CAT 6 cables at an additional installation cost.

We will provide the support services for the internet connection you have taken from us. We don’t offer any service beyond that.

For issue related to your laptops, desktops, printers and LAN etc, we can help you connect with the local vendors with whom you can directly deal with.

No, we don’t provide any equipment. We can help you connect with the local vendors for the same.

For issues related to your laptops, desktops, printers and LAN etc, we can help you connect with the local vendors with whom you can directly deal with.

We have a printer cum a photocopier available at the reception area. You can use the same on pay per use basis.

We give you an analogue instrument with each line. In case you want a digital phone, our system only supports ALCATEL instrument. You can either get that on your own or rent it from us at a nominal charge of Rs. 500 per month per instrument.

You would not require peon for full 8 hours. So, it will be an expensive investment for you to have an office support staff and wasting a seat in the business center. Rather, we suggest you to take our support staff as per your needs and just pay-by-use.

There is a common waiting space for guests on the ground floor. However, you can use “Café Einstein” to entertain your guests. You can also hire a meeting room from us on pay per use basis.

For co-working members, there is a dedicated meeting room available.

Our reception staff on the ground floor will inform you on the arrival of your guest/guests. Either the guest/guests can go through the security process and go to the client’s suite himself or the client can come and take the guest to their designated suite by making an entry at the security desk.

Guests are not allowed in the co-working space.

You can entertain your guests in your office area. You can also use our restaurant “Café Einstein” on the ground floor for the same. Our premium clients can also use the rooftop lounge, Lattice.

Yes, the building is centrally air-conditioned. The central AC works from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm. Post these working hours, you can use the split AC (if available in your office) on a chargeable basis. On special requests, central AC can be made functional post working hours on chargeable basis.

Yes, there is a double power back up facility available in the building. The power back up is available 24 hours a day.

Your safety is our prime concern. We have multiple layers of security system, thereby making sure you get an utmost safe and secure environment. We have a team of 15 security officers taking care of the building 24X7. There are over 90 CCTV cameras placed at every nook and corner of the building making the entire building from inside and outside under strict surveillance.

All our office suites, elevators and even washrooms can be accessed only through RFID (Radio-frequency identification) cards. Clients are given access to all the common areas and only their respective offices. All these steps make PBC a very safe and secure space for our clients.

The meeting rooms are available in various configurations. We can accommodate from 2 to even 35 people in one room. You can book the rooms by giving a 48 hour notice. Last minute booking can also be entertained based on the availability of the rooms.

The cost of the room will depend on the number of people and the duration for which you want to book these rooms. The detail pricing is mentioned in the service tariff sheet. The rooms are offered at a discounted price to our office facility clients.

Yes, we do have a video conferencing facility available both over internet and ISDN line. The charges for 1 hour usage for ISDN is Rs. 4000/- + taxes + the actual calling charges as per our tariff sheet.

For Internet based video conferencing, the charges are 5000 + taxes.

Yes we do serve food. You can order food either at the top Floor “Lattice” or at our restaurant on the ground floor “Café Einstein”.

At “Lattice” there are options available from an economical Thali to Today’s special. On the other hand Café Einstein can be used for fine dining and it serves lunch on both “A la carte” and “Buffet” basis.

We are an air tight building and we grow our own fresh air. We don’t allow the ambient air to enter in the premises. Hence the presence of TB carrier individual can cause a health risk to other people working in the building. Given that high incidence of people in India are infected by TB and that the Centre is an OHSAS 18001:2007, the Member shall provide a medical certificate / Chest X-Ray of the Members Employees coming to the Centre that they do not suffer from Chest/lung tuberculosis.

The agreement can be renewed after every term on the mutual consent. The rent escalation will depend on the market scenario.

Yes, it will be possible to shift to a bigger/smaller office in the middle of the term. Based on your request we will quote you for the place. We will sign a fresh agreement at that point of time and you will be required to pay (if applicable) the difference of the old and the new security deposit.

Yes, you will have to pay a refundable security deposit equivalent to 3 month rents at the point of signing the agreement.

Yes you can sign the agreement for 3 months. In that case the 3 month term will become your lock-in. We will check a month in advance from you to see if you want to further renew the agreement.

Yes you can sign the agreement for 2 years. The price for 2 year term will be different and the notice will remain as 90 days.

Yes, you will require giving proprietorship details.

The rental will be required to be paid in advance. You will get the invoice by 15th of the month for the next month rental. You are expected to pay the rent either by cheque, DD or wired transfer on or before 1st of the effective month.

Service invoice will be raised on 16th of every month for the previous month. You need to make the payment on 1st of next month.

This is basically to cater for the services that you might use during the month as the billing of those services are done in the preceding month.

We as a policy take only security deposit. However if it is a mandate for the client, we can have a look at it as a special case.


We all are aware that air pollution has become a grave concern, more so in New Delhi. And, we spend over 90% time indoors and one-third of our life working. It is imperative that the first thing we should worry about is the quality of air. Fortunately, at PBC, we have been able to combat this problem. An Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) system - which is a combination of air-purifying plants (>1200 natural plants inside the building) and a mechanical air filtration system using HEPA filters - helps in purifying and oxygenating air, with VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) meeting USA ASHRAE standards, as well as reducing Bacteria and Fungus count and the rate of absenteeism, to a significant level.

We don’t use chemical insecticides and pesticides. Rather, we use vermin manure which is sterilized and doesn’t promote the growth of insects in the building. Also, all our in-house plants are cleaned by expert gardener.

PBC pays paramount attention to Indoor Air Quality and Indoor Air Environment. Thus, we have made PBC as an air-tight building. It helps us save energy through reduced heat loss, stable indoor climate and air quality, high level of air cleanliness, low and controlled humidity, improving sustainable criteria for achieving environment certificates. Moreover, being a centrally air-conditioned building, opening of windows will affect the internal cooling.

Firstly, food dropping promotes the growth of moulds/fungus which can affect your health. Secondly, being a centralized AC building, the smell can spread all-across, which may not be liked by other clients. Thirdly, it affects our indoor air quality and promotes the growth of cockroaches and rodents.